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Search for potential partners in India

Search for potential partners in India

Television and radio broadcasting equipment

G2R Export specialists received an application from the Orenburg Region Export Support Center to search for foreign potential partners in India for a company whose direction is to automate the work of the news feed and conduct contests and live quizzes.

Work Stages:

  1. Initial analysis of the Indian market for television and radio industry.
  2. Compilation and elaboration of a list of potential buyers and partners (radio stations and television companies that have been working in this field for more than 10 years).
  3. Distribution of presentation materials in English (the task was complicated by the lack of a website for a Russian company).
  4. Conducting initial negotiations with these companies through phone calls and instant messengers.


Negotiations were held with 40 companies, 5 of which showed interest in products. All information on market analysis, as well as on companies that were processed as part of this project, was collected by specialists in a report and sent to the customer for further negotiations.

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