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Search for potential partners in India

Search for potential partners in India

Food industry

G2R Export was submitted an application from the Orenburg Region Export Support Center to search for foreign potential partners for a chickpea company.

Work Stages:

  1. Initial analysis of the food and agricultural market.
  2. Compilation and elaboration of a list of potential buyers and partners (distributors, dealers and trading companies of agricultural products who want to expand their range).
  3. Initial negotiations with potential companies through phone calls and instant messengers, distribution of presentation and marketing materials.

* In India, chickpeas are the main source of protein and are in great demand, but they are subject to rather stringent requirements regarding sizes, and only chickpeas of a certain diameter can be used as a food supplement. The chickpea size from the Russian company was 6 mm.


Based on the results of processing this request, the contact details of 7 potential partners were sent to the Russian chickpea supplier.

At the end of November 2019, a reverse business mission was organized, which was visited by representatives of the Indian delegation to discuss issues on the supply of chickpeas to India and for its implementation within the country.

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