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Search for potential partners in Iraq and the UAE

Search for potential partners in Iraq and the UAE

Sphere of production of alcoholic beverages

G2R Export specialists received an application from the export support Center of the Orenburg region to search for buyers in Iraq and the UAE for a distillery

The customer’s company was interested in entering the markets of these countries, as well as in finding partners willing to purchase alcoholic beverages, in particular – vodka.

Stages of work:

  1. Study of the market of Iraq and the UAE in this direction.
  2. Drawing up a list of potential buyers and partners (large distributors, duty-free trade networks, sales representatives, retail chains, dealers, and others.).
  3. Conducting initial negotiations with these companies, via telephone calls, in English, as well as using messengers and email.

* The study found that alcohol consumption and free sale of such beverages are not widespread in these countries. The Republic of Iraq has had a dry law for several years, and the UAE does not allow the free sale of alcoholic beverages even to tourists. in this regard, the specialist of the company G2R Export had difficulty in finding interested partners, but during the negotiations it was still possible to find potential partners.


As part of the work on this request, 60 companies were processed, 11 (6 – Iraq, 5 – UAE) expressed interest in purchasing alcoholic beverages. A report was generated based on all the collected information and passed to the customer for further negotiations.

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