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Search for potential partners in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Search for potential partners in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Industrial equipment manufacturing

G2R Export was submitted an application from the Orenburg Region Export Support Center to search for foreign potential partners for a company manufacturing boilers and industrial steam generators in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Work Stages:

  1. Initial market analysis of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
  2. Compilation and elaboration of a list of potential buyers and partners (equipment distributors, industrial enterprises).
  3. Initial negotiations with potential companies through phone calls and instant messengers, distribution of presentation and marketing materials.

* Cooperation for some companies from Uzbekistan turned out to be irrelevant, since they already had partnerships with manufacturers from Iran, Turkey and Italy or were not able to purchase equipment from Russian suppliers, due to some restrictions from the local government. – Nevertheless, these companies were ready to consider the proposal. It was also revealed that in some regions of Uzbekistan there are problems with gas equipment and demand is only for boilers that run on coal and wood.


All information received (market analysis, contacts of interested companies, purchase applications received from foreign companies, as well as other data regarding the required capacity and other technical characteristics) was transferred to the customer for further negotiations.

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