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Search for potential partners in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Search for potential partners in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The production of drinking water

G2R Export specialists received a request from the export support Center of the Orenburg region to search for potential foreign buyers, including preliminary contact and verification of interest in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the supply of bottled water.

Stages of work:

  1. Creating a portrait of potential partners according to the identified priorities.
  2. Compiling a database of potential partners operating in Kazakhstan. The database includes contacts of food distributors, delivery services, chain supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, retail outlets, etc.
  3. Conducting initial negotiations over the phone, as well as via messengers and e-mail.

* It is important to note that in the course of applying for cooperation, our specialists faced a large number of refusals, justified by an inflated price for bottled water, lack of trust due to insufficient brand awareness. The need for a distributor was also identified, since Kazakhstan does not cooperate directly with Russian companies.


During the 4 days that it took to process the request, G2R Export specialists held initial negotiations with 110 companies, of which 7 made requests for further detailed information about: developing their logo for bottled water, prices for certain purchase volumes, receiving discounts, and payment terms.

Data on interested companies were passed to the customer for further negotiations regarding the possibility of delivery, prices and other details.

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