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Search for potential partners in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Search for potential partners in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Industry Automation

Our company’s specialists received a request from the Orenburg Region Export Support Center to search for potential buyers of equipment and automation equipment in Kazakhstan.

Work Stages:

  1. Communication with a customer representative – forming a portrait of potential partners in Kazakhstan, identifying search priorities.
  2. Work on the study of the product and related materials of this company, preparation of a commercial proposal for distribution.
  3. Drawing up a database of potential partners operating in the Kazakhstan market, which includes distributors of equipment, industrial production.
  4. Initial negotiations through phone calls and various instant messengers.

* It is important to note that in the course of work, G2R Export specialists encountered a large number of failures related to:

– the irrelevance of this range of services at the moment;

– procurement of equipment through tenders by most Kazakhstani companies;

– the need to register Russian companies on a special platform of the Republic of Kazakhstan (in order to be able to take a request for government procurement from companies for cooperation).


During the 14 days that the processing of the request took, initial negotiations were held with more than 230 companies, of which 5 made requests for further detailed information about the equipment and the cost of the full implementation of automation tools for production, with the attached technical specifications.

A report on the work done was submitted to the customer, including information on the Kazakhstan market for this industry, a list of companies with which the initial negotiations were held, a list of potential buyers, as well as recommendations for the further negotiation process.

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