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Search for potential partners in the UAE

Search for potential partners in the UAE

Honey Production

G2R Export specialists received a request from the Export Support Center of the Republic of Bashkortostan for the search for potential foreign buyers, including preliminary contact and verification of interest in the UAE for the supply of honey to the customer company.

Work Stages

  1. Work on the study of the product and related materials of the company, which compiled a commercial offer for distribution.
  2. Drawing up a database of potential partners operating in the UAE market, which includes: airports, distributors of food, sweets, honey, chain supermarkets, restaurants, manufacturers of confectionery products, retail outlets and other food distributors. When compiling the database, open sources of information were used:

– international electronic B2B sites;

– specialized industry portals;

– specialized databases;

– own developed base of G2R Export.

  1. Initial negotiations in English.


During the work on this request, 90 companies were processed, the level of demand was determined. Bashkir honey aroused interest among 10 companies with which it was agreed to hold a personal meeting in Abu Dhabi to meet, demonstrate the product and discuss the terms of cooperation.

It is important to note that when applying for a cooperation proposal, our managers faced a large number of refusals, justified by the overestimated cost of honey and an oversupply of the market in this direction.

Data on interested companies was transferred to the customer for further negotiations regarding the possibility of delivery, logistics and other subtleties.

Processing the request took 5 days from specialists.

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