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Search for potential partners in the UAE

Search for potential partners in the UAE

Food industry

G2R Export has received an application from the Export Support Center of the Republic of Bashkortostan to search for potential partners in the United Arab Emirates for a company manufacturing various types of oils.

In these areas, the customer wanted to find enterprises that are interested in purchasing large amounts of rice oil.

Work Stages:

  1. The study of the UAE market.
  2. Drawing up a base of enterprises that might be interested in rice oil. The final list includes: large distributors, sales representatives, distribution networks, dealers and
  3. Initial negotiations with enterprises by telephone in English, as well as through instant messengers and e-mail.

* In the course of work, it turned out that rice oil did not manage to gain popularity in the UAE, our employees regularly received questions about the use of rice oil, but interest in this product nevertheless appeared.


As part of the work on this application, negotiations were held with 137 companies, 10 of which showed interest in the customer’s products. With these potential partners, an agreement was reached on a personal meeting. The data of these companies were transferred to the customer for further negotiations on the possibility of concluding contracts.

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