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Search for potential partners in Turkey and Egypt

Search for potential partners in Turkey and Egypt

The field of forestry and woodworking

G2R Export received an application from the export support Center of the Chelyabinsk region to search for potential partners in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Republic of Turkey for a woodworking company.

In these territories, the customer wanted to find companies that are interested in purchasing lumber, birch and pine lumber in large volumes.

Stage of work:

  1. Conducting market research in Egypt and Turkey.
  2. Compiling a database of companies that might be interested in wood. The final list includes: furniture, construction, woodworking companies, large distributors of construction materials and wood, etc.
  3. Conducting initial negotiations with businesses by phone in English and Turkish, as well as via messengers and e-mail.

* During the processing of the application, our specialist faced a large number of refusals due to the inflated declared cost offered by the customer’s company, but during the initial negotiations, we managed to determine the optimal price for both parties.


The total number of companies that were negotiated reached 80, of which 7 companies from Turkey and 7 from Egypt expressed interest in cooperation.

Data on interested companies were passed to the customer for further negotiations regarding the possibility of delivery, prices and other details.

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