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Search for potential partners on the territory of Mongolia

Search for potential partners on the territory of Mongolia

Sphere of wool production

Our company received an application from the export support Center for the Orenburg region to search for potential partners in Mongolia for a company engaged in the production of wool.

Stages of work:

  1. Study of the Mongolian market.
  2. Identification of a list of companies that could be interested in purchasing sheep wool (the list includes companies engaged in the production of wool fabrics, yarn, felt, wool products, etc.).
  3. Conducting initial negotiations via phone calls and various messengers in Russian and English.

* Mongolia is the 2nd country in the world for the production of cashmere wool and is one of the 10 countries that produce sheep wool, so the interest in Russian suppliers from Mongolian companies was quite low.


During the time it took to process the request, initial negotiations were held with 90 companies, of which 10 showed interest in cooperation and were ready to conduct substantive negotiations with the customer.

The customer was given a report on the work done, including information on the Mongolian market of this industry, a list of companies with which initial negotiations were held, a list of potential buyers, as well as recommendations for further negotiations.

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