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Search for potential partners on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

Search for potential partners on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

Sphere of professional education

G2R Export received an application from the export support Center of the Orenburg region to search for potential partners in Belarus for the training center.

The training center provides services in the form of training and professional courses from the organizational psychologist of the city of Orenburg. The training center cooperates with many Russian companies in various industries. This market aroused interest in the Republic of Belarus. Upon request, it was necessary to find five interested companies in promoting the training center’s services.

Stages of work:

  1. Primary analysis of the Belarusian market for providing this type of service.
  2. Preparation and development of a database of potential partner companies (training centers, enterprises of various industries).
  3. Preparation of a commercial offer for further distribution to e-mails or messengers of contact persons.
  4. Conducting initial negotiations with companies.

* The company’s contact person provided marketing materials in Russian (training program for 2020, psychologist’s resume).


As a result of this work, five companies interested in cooperation with the training center were identified to provide services in the field of training in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Questions were received from interested contact persons about cooperation, namely, the cost of psychological services, marketing services (advertising). All the detailed information was sent directly to the customer for further negotiations.

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