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Search for potential partners on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Search for potential partners on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Sphere of production of soft drinks

G2R Export received an application from the export support Center of the Chelyabinsk region to search for buyers in Kazakhstan for an enterprise engaged in the production of natural Morse. The customer company has already successfully cooperated with a large number of fast food restaurant chains, but as the sales network expanded in Russia, the company became interested in the Kazakhstan market.

Stage of work:

  1. Conducting primary analysis of the Kazakhstan food and beverage market.
  2. Creating a list of potential buyers and partners (distributors, wholesale companies, dealers, sales representatives, as well as representatives of the fast food delivery segment).
  3. Conducting initial negotiations with companies via phone calls and email.

* When searching for partners, our employees encountered a number of problems. Many companies of the Kazakh food and beverage market did not consider cooperation in the autumn season, due to the unseasonality of the product, as well as due to the high price of the product and expensive logistics. The last problem with demand was the shelf life of the product, which was 3 months due to its naturalness, and a limited amount of sugar.


During the processing of the request, 11 potential partners were found. A report was generated for all the collected information and passed to the customer for further negotiations.

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