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Search for buyers abroad

Search for buyers abroad

* Upon request for the service “Search for buyers abroad”, financial support can be provided by your state.

As part of the “Search for buyers abroad” service, our company will create for You a list of potential buyers who have shown interest in Your products and are ready to enter into substantive negotiations.

As part of the service implementation:

  • we will make a preliminary list of potential partners for your company in the target market according to the industry principle;
  • we will search for additional information and evaluate possible interest in your company’s products,
  • we will send out your presentation materials, monitor feedback during initial negotiations with selected potential trading partners to determine and confirm interest in working with your company.

Based on the results of the work, a comprehensive report is provided in electronic format, including detailed information:

  • information on the foreign market of this industry;
  • a list of companies with which initial negotiations were held, and their results in the form of a screenshot of correspondence;
  • a list of potential buyers who have shown interest and are ready to enter into negotiations with your company (from 10 contacts.);
  • recommendations for further development of the negotiation process.

After reviewing and working through this report, our company is ready to assist in conducting substantive negotiations with the designated partners until you and your foreign partners agree on the essential terms of the export transaction.

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