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Preparing an export contract

Preparing an export contract

We will prepare your export contract

Preparation, drafting, and examination of an export contract — a sample contract developed for the purpose of conducting export deliveries.

(A sample contract is provided in electronic or printed form).

Examination of the export contract includes the following stages:

  1. Study the text of the contract, additional agreements and other related documents.
  2. Finding out the purpose of the transaction, its execution plan, the client’s interests and business practices for the execution of such contracts.
  3. Identification of risks, inaccurate and invalid provisions, excessive obligations, etc.
  4. Preparation of a report indicating the identified risks and recommendations for their elimination or reduction.

Examples of risks that can be identified as a result of the preparation and examination of an export contract:

  • there are no essential conditions in the contract, and therefore it is not concluded;
  • the contract contains provisions that do not comply with the law and is therefore invalid;
  • the contract is subject to registration or special. registered, but was not registered and does not contain provisions for registration.

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